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Mapping routine malaria incidence at village level for targeted control in Papua New Guinea

Rodriguez-Rodriguez, D; Maraga, S; Jamea-Maiasa, S; Tandrapah, A; Makita, L; Siba, PM; Mueller, I; Pulford, J; Hetzel, M
Geospatial Health
Journal Article
doi: 10.4081/gh.2019.798
Malaria surveillance and response-systems are essential for identifying the areas most affected by malaria and for targeting interventions and optimising resources. This study aimed to assess whether the visualisation of routinely collected health facility data linked to village of residence provides evidence for targeting control interventions in four sentinel health facilities in Papua New Guinea. A video format was used to visualise the dynamics in case incidence over time and space alongside photographs illustrating the context of the data collection in the study sites. Incidence changes overtime were illustrated in animated maps. Despite limitations, this approach appeared useful in sites with very few remaining cases or with increasingly marked heterogeneity. Villages that could benefit from targeted interventions or investigations were identified.
Population Health and Immunity
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