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IMGT/HighV QUEST paradigm for T cell receptor IMGT clonotype diversity and next generation repertoire immunoprofiling.

Li, S; Lefranc, MP; Miles, JJ; Alamyar, E; Giudicelli, V; Duroux, P; Freeman, JD; Corbin, VD; SCHEERLINCK, JP; Frohman, MA; Cameron, PU; Plebanski, M; LOVELAND, B; Burrows, SR; Papenfuss, AT; Gowans, EJ
Nature Communications
Journal Article
T cell repertoire diversity and clonotype follow-up in vaccination, cancer, infectious and immune diseases represent a major challenge owing to the enormous complexity of the data generated. Here we describe a next generation methodology, which combines 5'RACE PCR, 454 sequencing and, for analysis, IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system (IMGT), IMGT/HighV-QUEST web portal and IMGT-ONTOLOGY concepts. The approach is validated in a human case study of T cell receptor beta (TRB) repertoire, by chronologically tracking the effects of influenza vaccination on conventional and regulatory T cell subpopulations. The IMGT/HighV-QUEST paradigm defines standards for genotype/haplotype analysis and characterization of IMGT clonotypes for clonal diversity and expression and achieves a degree of resolution for next generation sequencing verifiable by the user at the sequence level, while providing a normalized reference immunoprofile for human TRB.
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