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Targeting of cancer cells using click-functionalized polymer capsules

Kamphuis, MM; Johnston, AP; Such, GK; Dam, HH; Evans, RA; Scott, AM; Nice, EC; Heath, JK; Caruso, F
Journal of the American Chemical Society
Journal Article
Targeted delivery of drugs to specific cells allows a high therapeutic dose to be delivered to the target site with minimal harmful side effects. Combining targeting molecules with nanoengineered drug carriers, such as polymer capsules, micelles and polymersomes, has significant potential to improve the therapeutic delivery and index of a range of drugs. We present a general approach for functionalization of low-fouling, nanoengineered polymer capsules with antibodies using click chemistry. We demonstrate that antibody (Ab)-functionalized capsules specifically bind to colorectal cancer cells even when the target cells constitute less than 0.1% of the total cell population. This precise targeting offers promise for drug delivery applications.
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