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IL-10 regulates Aicda expression through miR-155

Fairfax, KA; Gantier, MP; Mackay, F; Williams, BR; McCoy, CE
J Leukoc Biol
Journal Article
Aicda is a critical component of antibody class-switching in B cells. In this work, we study the impact of TLR4 activation and IL-10 stimulation on Aicda expression in B cells. Through the global analysis of miRNAs in response to TLR4 activation, in combination with IL-10 stimulation, we identified that IL-10 can suppress TLR4-induced miR-155 expression, an effect that resulted in enhanced Aicda expression. Furthermore, when preventing miR-155 control of Aicda expression, by genetic mutation of its target site in the Aicda mRNA, IL-10 could further potentiate Aicda expression. Given that miR-155 expression is lost, and expression levels of both Aicda and IL-10 are high in diseases, such as Burkitt's lymphoma, our results suggest a stringent and sophisticated control of Aicda by a novel IL-10/miR-155 axis, where the imbalance of IL-10 and/or miR-155 may contribute to disease pathogenesis.
Society for Leukocyte Biology
AID; B cell; TLR4; antibody class-switching; interleukin; miRNA
Molecular Medicine
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