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Cytotoxicity in vitro of preleukaemic lymphoid cells on syngeneic monolayers of embryo or thymus cells.

Wahren, B; Metcalf, D
Clinical and experimental immunology
Journal Article
Lymphoid cells from preleukaemic AKR mice were cytotoxic for monolayers of syngeneic embryo and thymus target cells in tissue culture. This reactivity was detectable with cells from mice aged 3–36 weeks but was not present with cells from younger mice. Cytotoxic reactions to syngeneic embryo tissues were also seen with lymphoid cells from high leukaemia strain C3H mice carrying Moloney virus but not with lymphoid cells from normal low leukaemic strain C3H/Bi or DBA/2 mice. Lymphoid or lymphoma cells from leukaemic AKR mice showed reduced reactivity. Phytohaemagglutinin was not necessary for the reaction of preleukaemic AKR cells against AKR monolayers and cytotoxicity was inhibited by preincubation of target cells with an antiserum directed against AKR G+ cells. The reactivity of preleukaemic AKR and C3H lymphoid cells against syngeneic monolayers may represent some type of allogeneic inhibition due to acquired antigenic differences between aggressor and target cell but the data fit best an interpretation that some lymphoid cells in preleukaemic AKR and C3H mice acquire immunological reactivity to virus-induced G+ or M+ antigens exhibited by the target cells.
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