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Author: Khatibi, S; Babon, J; Wagner, J; Manton, JH; Tan, CW; Zhu, HJ; Wormald, S; Burgess, AW
Date Of Publication: 2017-06
Journal Title: Growth Factors

Author: Khatibi, S; Zhu, HJ; Wagner, J; Tan, CW; Manton, JH; Burgess, AW
Date Of Publication: 2017-04-13
Journal Title: BMC Syst Biol

Author: Atkinson, SC; Dogovski, C; Downton, MT; Czabotar, PE; Dobson, RCJ; Gerrard, JA; Wagner, J; Perugini, MA
Date Of Publication: 2013-03

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