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Author: Harrison, LC; Perrett, KP; Jachno, K; Nolan, TM; Honeyman, MC
Date Of Publication: 2019-10
Journal Title: PLoS Pathogens

Author: Perrett, KP; Jachno, K; Nolan, TM; Harrison, LC
Date Of Publication: 2019-03
Journal Title: JAMA Pediatrics

Author: Alexander, WS; Rakar, S; Robb, L; Farley, A; Willson, TA; Zhang, JG; Hartley, L; Kikuchi, Y; Kojima, T; Nomura, H; Hasegawa, M; Maeda, M; Fabri, L; Jachno, K; Nash, A; Metcalf, D; Nicola, NA; Hilton, DJ
Date Of Publication: 1999-06-03

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