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Author: Roberts, AW; Ma, S; Kipps, TJ; Coutre, SE; Davids, MS; Eichhorst, B; Hallek, M; Byrd, JC; Humphrey, K; Zhou, L; Chyla, B; Nielsen, J; Potluri, J; Kim, SY; Verdugo, M; Stilgenbauer, S; Wierda, WG; Seymour, JF
Date Of Publication: 2019-07
Journal Title: Blood

Author: Wong, R; Tie, J; Lee, M; COHEN, J; Wang, Y; Li, L; Ma, S; Christie, M; Kosmider, S; Tomasetti, C; Papadopoulos, N; Kinzler, K; Vogelstein, B; Gibbs, P
Date Of Publication: 2019-01-10
Journal Title: International Journal of Cancer

Author: Seymour, JF; Ma, S; Brander, DM; Choi, MY; Barrientos, J; Davids, MS; Anderson, MA; Beaven, AW; Rosen, ST; Tam, CS; Prine, B; Agarwal, SK; Munasinghe, W; Zhu, M; Lash, LL; Desai, M; Cerri, E; Verdugo, M; Kim, SY; Humerickhouse, RA; Gordon, GB; Kipps, TJ; Roberts, AW
Date Of Publication: 2017-02
Journal Title: Lancet Oncol

Author: Ma, S; Hockings, C; Anwari, K; Kratina, T; Fennell, S; Lazarou, M; Ryan, MT; Kluck, RM; Dewson, G
Date Of Publication: 2013-09-06
Journal Title: The Journal of Biological Chemistry

Author: Czabotar, PE; Westphal, D; Dewson, G; Ma, S; Hockings, C; Fairlie, WD; Lee, EF; Yao, SG; Robin, AY; Smith, BJ; Huang, DCS; Kluck, RM; Adams, JM; Colman, PM
Date Of Publication: 2013-01-31
Journal Title: CELL

Author: Dewson, G; Ma, S; Frederick, P; Hockings, C; Tan, I; Kratina, T; Kluck, RM
Date Of Publication: 2012-04

Author: Vince, JE; Wong, WWL; Gentle, I; Lawlor, KE; Allam, R; O'Reilly, L; Mason, K; Gross, O; Ma, S; Guarda, G; Anderton, H; Castillo, R; Hacker, G; Silke, J; Tschopp, J
Date Of Publication: 2012-02-24
Journal Title: IMMUNITY

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