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Author: Saunders, NR; Dziegielewska, KM; Mollgard, K; Habgood, MD; Wakefield, MJ; Lindsay, H; Stratzielle, N; Ghersi-Egea, JF; Liddelow, SA
Date Of Publication: 2015
Journal Title: Front Neurosci

Author: Saunders, NR; Noor, NM; Dziegielewska, KM; Wheaton, BJ; Liddelow, SA; Steer, DL; Ek, CJ; Habgood, MD; Wakefield, MJ; Lindsay, H; Truettner, J; Miller, RD; SMITH, AI; Dietrich, WD
Date Of Publication: 2014
Journal Title: PLoS One

Author: Liddelow, SA; Dziegielewska, KM; Ek, CJ; Habgood, MD; Bauer, H; Bauer, HC; Lindsay, H; Wakefield, MJ; Strazielle, N; Kratzer, I; Mollgard, K; Ghersi-Egea, JF; Saunders, NR
Date Of Publication: 2013-07-02
Journal Title: PLOS ONE

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