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Author: Sagulenko, V; Vitak, N; Vajjhala, P; Vince, JE; Stacey, KJ
Date Of Publication: 2017-10-31
Journal Title: J Mol Biol

Author: Sagulenko, V; Lawlor, KE; Vince, JE
Date Of Publication: 2016
Journal Title: Arthritis Res Ther

Author: Sester, DP; Sagulenko, V; Thygesen, SJ; Cridland, JA; Loi, YS; Cridland, SO; Masters, SL; Genske, U; Hornung, V; Andoniou, CE; Sweet, MJ; Degli-Esposti, MA; Schroder, K; Stacey, KJ
Date Of Publication: 2015-06-26
Journal Title: Journal of Immunology

Author: Sagulenko, V; Thygesen, SJ; Sester, DP; Idris, A; Cridland, JA; Vajjhala, PR; Roberts, TL; Schroder, K; Vince, JE; Hill, JM; Silke, J; Stacey, KJ
Date Of Publication: 2013-09

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