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Author: Campbell, IK; Leong, D; Edwards, KM; Rayzman, V; Ng, M; Goldberg, GL; Wilson, NJ; Scalzo-Inguanti, K; Mackenzie-Kludas, C; Lawlor, KE; Wicks, IP; Brown, LE; Baz Morelli, A; Panousis, C; Wilson, MJ; Nash, AD; McKenzie, BS; Andrews, AE
Date Of Publication: 2016-11-02
Journal Title: Journal of Immunology

Author: Putoczki, TL; Thiem, S; Loving, A; Busutti, RA; Wilson, NJ; Ziegler, PK; Nguyen, PM; Preaudet, A; Farid, R; Edwards, KM; Boglev, Y; Luwor, RB; Jarnicki, A; Horst, D; Boussioutas, A; Heath, JK; Sieber, OM; Pleines, I; Kile, BT; Nash, A; Greten, FR; McKenzie, BS; Ernst, M
Date Of Publication: 2013-08-12
Journal Title: CANCER CELL

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