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Author: Blombery, P; Birkinshaw, RW; Nguyen, T; Gong, JN; Thompson, ER; Xu, Z; Westerman, DA; Czabotar, PE; Dickinson, M; Huang, DCS; Seymour, JF; Roberts, AW
Date Of Publication: 2019-06-24
Journal Title: British Journal of Haematology

Author: Blombery, P; Anderson, MA; Gong, JN; Thijssen, R; Birkinshaw, RW; Thompson, ER; Teh, CE; Nguyen, T; Xu, Z; Flensburg, C; Lew, TE; Majewski, IJ; Gray, DHD; Westerman, DA; Tam, CS; Seymour, JF; Czabotar, PE; Huang, DCS; Roberts, AW
Date Of Publication: 2018-12-04
Journal Title: Cancer Discovery

Author: Anstee, NS; Bilardi, RA; Ng, AP; Xu, Z; Robati, M; Vandenberg, CJ; Cory, S
Date Of Publication: 2018-11-23
Journal Title: Cell Death and Differentiation

Author: Sharp, PP; GARNIER, JM; Hatfaludi, T; Xu, Z; Segal, D; Jarman, KE; Jousset, H; Garnham, A; Feutrill, JT; Cuzzupe, A; Hall, P; Taylor, S; Walkley, CR; Tyler, D; Dawson, MA; Czabotar, P; Wilks, AF; Glaser, S; Huang, DCS; Burns, CJ
Date Of Publication: 2017-12-14
Journal Title: ACS Med Chem Lett

Author: Ju, J; Chen, A; Deng, Y; Liu, M; Wang, Y; Nie, M; Wang, C; Ding, H; Yao, B; Gui, T; Li, X; Xu, Z; Ma, C; Song, Y; Kvansakul, M; Zen, K; Zhang, CY; Luo, C; Fang, M; Huang, DCS; Allis, CD; Tan, R; Zeng, CK; Wei, J; Zhao, Q
Date Of Publication: 2017-10-13
Journal Title: Nature Communications

Author: Xu, Z; Sharp, PP; Yao, Y; Segal, D; Ang, CH; Khaw, SL; Aubrey, BJ; Gong, J; Kelly, GL; Herold, MJ; Strasser, A; Roberts, AW; Alexander, WS; Burns, CJ; Huang, DC; Glaser, SP
Date Of Publication: 2016-03-08
Journal Title: Leukemia

Author: Zhan, Y; Chow, KV; Soo, P; Xu, Z; Brady, JL; Lawlor, KE; Masters, SL; O'Keeffe, M; Shortman, K; Zhang, JG; Lew, AM
Date Of Publication: 2016
Journal Title: Scientific Reports

Author: Metcalf, D; Glaser, SP; Xu, Z; Di Rago, L; Mifsud, S
Date Of Publication: 2013-10-15
Journal Title: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

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