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Author: Miranda, PJ; Buckley, D; Raghu, D; Pang, JB; Takano, EA; Vijayakumaran, R; Teunisse, AF; Posner, A; Procter, T; Herold, MJ; Gamell, C; Marine, JC; Fox, SB; Jochemsen, A; Haupt, S; Haupt, Y
Date Of Publication: 2017-04
Journal Title: J Pathol

Author: Gamell, C; Gulati, T; Levav-Cohen, Y; Young, RJ; Do, H; Pilling, P; Takano, E; Watkins, N; Fox, SB; Russell, P; Ginsberg, D; Monahan, BJ; Wright, G; Dobrovic, A; Haupt, S; Solomon, B; Haupt, Y
Date Of Publication: 2017-01-10
Journal Title: Sci Signal

Author: Kuslansky, Y; Sominsky, S; Jackman, A; Gamell, C; Monahan, BJ; Haupt, Y; Rosin-Arbesfeld, R; Sherman, L
Date Of Publication: 2016-10-07
Journal Title: J Gen Virol

Author: Paul, PJ; Raghu, D; Chan, AL; Gulati, T; Lambeth, L; Takano, E; Herold, MJ; Hagekyriakou, J; Vessella, RL; Fedele, C; Shackleton, M; Williams, ED; Fox, S; Williams, S; Haupt, S; Gamell, C; Haupt, Y
Date Of Publication: 2016-09-19
Journal Title: Oncogene

Author: Haupt, S; Buckley, D; Pang, JM; Panimaya, J; Paul, PJ; Gamell, C; Takano, EA; Ying Lee, Y; Hiddingh, S; Rogers, TM; Teunisse, AF; Herold, MJ; Marine, JC; Fox, SB; Jochemsen, A; Haupt, Y
Date Of Publication: 2015
Journal Title: Cell Death Dis

Author: Neilsen, PM; Braithwaite, AW; Gamell, C; Haupt, S; Janic, A; Strasser, A; Wolyniec, K; Haupt, Y
Date Of Publication: 2013-12
Journal Title: Cell Death and Differentiation

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