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Author: Litwak, SA; Loh, K; Stanley, WJ; Pappas, EG; Wali, JA; Selck, C; Strasser, A; Thomas, HE; Gurzov, EN
Date Of Publication: 2016
Journal Title: Scientific Reports

Author: Krishnamurthy, B; Chee, J; Jhala, G; Trivedi, P; Catterall, T; Selck, C; Gurzov, EN; Brodnicki, TC; Graham, KL; Wali, JA; Zhan, Y; Gray, D; Strasser, A; Allison, J; Thomas, HE; Kay, TW
Date Of Publication: 2015-05-06
Journal Title: Diabetes

Author: Wali, JA; Rondas, D; McKenzie, MD; Zhao, Y; Elkerbout, L; Fynch, S; Gurzov, EN; Akira, S; Mathieu, C; Kay, TW; Overbergh, L; Strasser, A; Thomas, HE
Date Of Publication: 2014
Journal Title: Cell death & disease

Author: Wali, JA; Gurzov, EN; Fynch, S; Elkerbout, L; Kay, TW; Masters, SL; Thomas, HE
Date Of Publication: 2014
Journal Title: PLoS One

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