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Author: Suraweera, N; Mouradov, D; Li, S; Jorissen, RN; Hampson, D; Ghosh, A; Sengupta, N; Thaha, M; Ahmed, S; Kirwan, M; Aleva, F; Propper, D; Feakins, RM; Vulliamy, T; Elwood, NJ; Tian, P; Ward, RL; Hawkins, NJ; Xu, ZZ; Molloy, PL; Jones, IT; Croxford, M; Gibbs, P; Silver, A; Sieber, OM
Date Of Publication: 2016-04-26
Journal Title: Oncotarget

Author: Sengupta, N; Yau, C; Sakthianandeswaren, A; Mouradov, D; Gibbs, P; Suraweera, N; Cazier, JB; Polanco-Echeverry, G; Ghosh, A; Thaha, M; Ahmed, S; Feakins, R; Propper, D; Dorudi, S; Sieber, O; Silver, A; Lai, C
Date Of Publication: 2013
Journal Title: Molecular Cancer

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