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Author: Cheasley, D; Wakefield, MJ; Ryland, GL; Allan, PE; Alsop, K; Amarasinghe, KC; Ananda, S; Anglesio, MS; Au-Yeung, G; Bohm, M; Bowtell, DDL; Brand, A; Chenevix-Trench, G; Christie, M; Chiew, YE; Churchman, M; DeFazio, A; Demeo, R; Dudley, R; Fairweather, N; Fedele, CG; Fereday, S; Fox, SB; Gilks, CB; Gourley, C; Hacker, NF; Hadley, AM; Hendley, J; Ho, GY; Hughes, S; Hunstman, DG; Hunter, SM; Jobling, TW; Kalli, KR; Kaufmann, SH; Kennedy, CJ; Kobel, M; Le Page, C; Li, J; Lupat, R; McNally, OM; McAlpine, JN; Mes-Masson, AM; Mileshkin, L; Provencher, DM; Pyman, J; Rahimi, K; Rowley, SM; Salazar, C; Samimi, G; Saunders, H; Semple, T; Sharma, R; Sharpe, AJ; Stephens, AN; Thio, N; Torres, MC; Traficante, N; Xing, Z; Zethoven, M; Antill, YC; Scott, CL; Campbell, IG; Gorringe, KL
Date Of Publication: 2019-09-02
Journal Title: Nature Communications

Author: Scott, CL; Becker, MA; Haluska, P; Samimi, G
Date Of Publication: 2013
Journal Title: Frontiers in Oncology

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