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Author: Brodie, EJ; Infantino, S; Low, MSY; Tarlinton, DM
Date Of Publication: 2018
Journal Title: Frontiers in Immunology

Author: Infantino, S; Light, A; O'Donnell, K; Bryant, V; Avery, DT; ELLIOTT, M; Tangye, SG; Belz, G; Mackay, F; Richard, S; Tarlinton, D
Date Of Publication: 2017-10-12
Journal Title: Naure Communications

Author: Dolezal, E; Infantino, S; Drepper, F; Borsig, T; Singh, A; Wossning, T; Fiala, GJ; Minguet, S; Warscheid, B; Tarlinton, DM; Jumaa, H; Medgyesi, D; Reth, M
Date Of Publication: 2017-06-19
Journal Title: Nat Immunol

Author: Low, M; Infantino, S; Grigoriadis, G; Tarlinton, D
Date Of Publication: 2016-03
Journal Title: Immunol Rev

Author: Jones, SA; Toh, AE; Odobasic, D; Oudin, MV; Cheng, Q; Lee, JP; White, SJ; Russ, BE; Infantino, S; Light, A; Tarlinton, DM; Harris, J; MORAND, EF
Date Of Publication: 2015-11-26
Journal Title: Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases

Author: Infantino, S; Jones, SA; Walker, JA; Maxwell, MJ; Light, A; O'Donnell, K; Tsantikos, E; Peperzak, V; Phesse, T; Ernst, M; Mackay, F; Hibbs, ML; Fairfax, KA; Tarlinton, DM
Date Of Publication: 2014
Journal Title: Sci Signal

Author: Infantino, S; Tarlinton, DM
Date Of Publication: 2013-03-21
Journal Title: Immunity

Author: Kartal-Kaess, M; Cimmino, L; Infantino, S; Yabas, M; Zhang, JG; Tuohey, L; Gelman, IH; Scott, JD; Nutt, SL; Enders, A; Tarlinton, D; Dickins, RA
Date Of Publication: 2012-01-01
Journal Title: BLOOD

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