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Author: Jiang, SH; Athanasopoulos, V; Ellyard, JI; Chuah, A; Cappello, J; Cook, A; Prabhu, SB; Cardenas, J; Gu, J; Stanley, M; Roco, JA; Papa, I; Yabas, M; Walters, GD; Burgio, G; McKeon, K; Byers, JM; Burrin, C; Enders, A; Miosge, LA; Canete, PF; Jelusic, M; Tasic, V; Lungu, AC; Alexander, SI; Kitching, AR; FULCHER, DA; Shen, N; Arsov, T; GATENBY, PA; Babon, JJ; Mallon, DF; de Lucas Collantes, C; Stone, EA; Wu, P; Field, MA; Andrews, TD; Cho, E; Pascual, V; Cook, MC; Vinuesa, CG
Date Of Publication: 2019-05-17
Journal Title: Nature Communications

Author: Kartal-Kaess, M; Cimmino, L; Infantino, S; Yabas, M; Zhang, JG; Tuohey, L; Gelman, IH; Scott, JD; Nutt, SL; Enders, A; Tarlinton, D; Dickins, RA
Date Of Publication: 2012-01-01
Journal Title: BLOOD

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