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Author: Fung, KYC; Nice, E; Priebe, I; Belobrajdic, D; Phatak, A; Purins, L; Tabor, B; Pompeia, C; Lockett, T; Adams, TE; Burgess, A; COSGROVE, L
Date Of Publication: 2014-01
Journal Title: World Journal of Gastroenterology

Author: Brierley, GV; Fung, KYC; Purins, L; Priebe, IK; Tabor, B; Lockett, T; Nice, E; Gibbs, P; Tie, J; McMurrick, P; Moore, J; Ruszkiewicz, AR; Burgess, A; Cosgrove, LJ
Date Of Publication: 2013-06
Journal Title: Journal of Molecular Biomarkers & Diagnosis

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