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Author: Volz, JC; Yap, A; Sisquella, X; Thompson, JK; Lim, NT; Whitehead, LW; Chen, L; Lampe, M; Tham, WH; Wilson, D; Nebl, T; Marapana, D; Triglia, T; Wong, W; Rogers, KL; Cowman, AF
Date Of Publication: 2016-06-30
Journal Title: Cell Host Microbe

Author: Harvey, KL; Yap, A; Gilson, PR; Cowman, AF; Crabb, BS
Date Of Publication: 2014-08-23
Journal Title: Int J Parasitol

Author: Yap, A; Azevedo, MF; Gilson, PR; Weiss, GE; O'Neill, MT; Wilson, DW; Crabb, BS; Cowman, AF
Date Of Publication: 2014-02-27
Journal Title: Cellular Microbiology

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