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Author: Bell, CC; Fennell, KA; Chan, YC; Rambow, F; Yeung, MM; Vassiliadis, D; Lara, L; Yeh, P; Martelotto, LG; Rogiers, A; Kremer, BE; Barbash, O; Mohammad, HP; Johanson, TM; Burr, ML; Dhar, A; Karpinich, N; Tian, L; Tyler, DS; MacPherson, L; Shi, J; Pinnawala, N; Yew Fong, C; Papenfuss, AT; Grimmond, SM; Dawson, SJ; Allan, RS; Kruger, RG; Vakoc, CR; Goode, DL; Naik, SH; Gilan, O; Lam, EYN; Marine, JC; Prinjha, RK; Dawson, MA
Date Of Publication: 2019-06-20
Journal Title: Nature Communications

Author: Chen, C; Liu, Y; Rappaport, AR; Kitzing, T; Schultz, N; Zhao, Z; Shroff, AS; Dickins, RA; Vakoc, CR; Bradner, JE; Stock, W; LeBeau, MM; Shannon, KM; Kogan, S; Zuber, J; Lowe, SW
Date Of Publication: 2014-05-12
Journal Title: Cancer Cell

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