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Author: Ramdzan, YM; Trubetskov, MM; Ormsby, AR; Newcombe, EA; Sui, X; Tobin, MJ; Bongiovanni, MN; Gras, SL; Dewson, G; Miller, JML; Finkbeiner, S; Moily, NS; Niclis, J; Parish, CL; Purcell, AW; Baker, MJ; Wilce, JA; Waris, S; Stojanovski, D; Bocking, T; Ang, CS; Ascher, DB; Reid, GE; Hatters, DM
Date Of Publication: 2017-05-02
Journal Title: Cell Reports

Author: Irtegun, S; Wood, R; Lackovic, K; Schweiggert, J; Ramdzan, YM; Huang, DC; MULHERN, TD; Hatters, DM
Date Of Publication: 2014-05-14
Journal Title: ACS Chem Biol

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