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Author: Minoda, Y; Virshup, I; Rojas, IL; Haigh, O; Wong, Y; Miles, JJ; Wells, CA; Radford, KJ
Date Of Publication: 2017
Journal Title: Front Immunol

Author: Tullett, KM; Leal Rojas, IM; Minoda, Y; Tan, PS; Zhang, JG; Smith, C; Khanna, R; Shortman, K; Caminschi, I; Lahoud, MH; Radford, KJ
Date Of Publication: 2016-05-19
Journal Title: JCI Insight

Author: Ding, YT; Wilkinson, A; Idris, A; Fancke, B; O'Keeffe, M; Khalil, D; Ju, XS; Lahoud, MH; Caminschi, I; Shortman, K; Rodwell, R; Vuckovic, S; Radford, KJ
Date Of Publication: 2014-02
Journal Title: J. Immunol.

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