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Author: Janic, A; Valente, LJ; Wakefield, MJ; Di Stefano, L; Milla, L; Wilcox, S; Yang, H; Tai, L; Vandenberg, CJ; Kueh, AJ; Mizutani, S; Brennan, MS; Schenk, RL; Lindqvist, LM; Papenfuss, AT; O'Connor, L; Strasser, A; Herold, MJ
Date Of Publication: 2018-07
Journal Title: Nature Medicine

Author: Valente, LJ; Aubrey, BJ; Herold, MJ; Kelly, GL; Happo, L; Scott, CL; Newbold, A; Johnstone, RW; Huang, DC; Vassilev, LT; Strasser, A
Date Of Publication: 2016-03-01
Journal Title: Cell Rep

Author: Valente, LJ; Grabow, S; Vandenberg, CJ; Strasser, A; Janic, A
Date Of Publication: 2015-12-07
Journal Title: Oncogene

Author: Grabow, S; Delbridge, AR; Valente, LJ; Strasser, A
Date Of Publication: 2014-12-18
Journal Title: Blood

Author: Kelly, GL; Grabow, S; Glaser, SP; Fitzsimmons, L; Aubrey, BJ; Okamoto, T; Valente, LJ; Robati, M; Tai, L; Fairlie, WD; Lee, EF; Lindstroem, MS; Wiman, KG; Huang, DCS; Bouillet, P; Rowe, M; Rickinson, AB; Herold, MJ; Strasser, A
Date Of Publication: 2014-01-01
Journal Title: Genes Dev

Author: Valente, LJ; Gray, DHD; Michalak, EM; Pinon-Hofbauer, J; Egle, A; Scott, CL; Janic, A; Strasser, A
Date Of Publication: 2013-05
Journal Title: CELL REPORTS

Author: Delbridge, ARD; Valente, LJ; Strasser, A
Date Of Publication: 2012-11

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