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Author: Weeden, CE; Holik, AZ; Young, RJ; Ma, SB; GARNIER, JM; Fox, SB; Antippa, P; Irving, LB; Steinfort, DP; Wright, GM; Russell, PA; Ritchie, ME; Burns, CJ; Solomon, B; Asselin-Labat, ML
Date Of Publication: 2017-08-01
Journal Title: Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

Author: Li, MX; Tan, IKL; Ma, SB; Hockings, C; Kratina, T; Dengler, MA; Alsop, AE; Kluck, RM; Dewson, G
Date Of Publication: 2017-07-18
Journal Title: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Author: Weeden, CE; Chen, Y; Ma, SB; Hu, Y; Ramm, G; Sutherland, KD; Smyth, GK; Asselin-Labat, ML
Date Of Publication: 2017-01
Journal Title: PLoS Biol

Author: Ma, SB; Nguyen, TN; Tan, I; Ninnis, R; Iyer, S; Stroud, DA; Menard, M; Kluck, RM; Ryan, MT; Dewson, G
Date Of Publication: 2014-08-22
Journal Title: Cell Death Differ

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