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Author: Ubillos, I; Campo, JJ; Requena, P; Ome-Kaius, M; Hanieh, S; Rose, H; Samol, P; Barrios, D; Jimenez, A; Bardaji, A; Mueller, I; Menendez, C; Rogerson, S; Moncunill, G; Dobano, C
Date Of Publication: 2017
Journal Title: Frontiers in Immunology

Author: Requena, P; Campo, JJ; Umbers, AJ; Ome, M; Wangnapi, R; Barrios, D; Robinson, LJ; Samol, P; Rosanas-Urgell, A; Ubillos, I; Mayor, A; Lopez, M; de Lazzari, E; Arevalo-Herrera, M; Fernandez-Becerra, C; del Portillo, H; Chitnis, CE; Siba, PM; Bardaji, A; Mueller, I; Rogerson, S; Menendez, C; Dobano, C
Date Of Publication: 2014-09-15
Journal Title: Journal of Immunology

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