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Author: Munro, SA; Lund, SP; Pine, PS; Binder, H; Clevert, DA; Conesa, A; Dopazo, J; Fasold, M; Hochreiter, S; Hong, H; Jafari, N; Kreil, DP; Labaj, PP; Li, S; Liao, Y; Lin, SM; Meehan, J; Mason, CE; Santoyo-Lopez, J; Setterquist, RA; Shi, L; Shi, W; Smyth, GK; Stralis-Pavese, N; Su, Z; Tong, W; Wang, C; Wang, J; Xu, J; Ye, Z; Yang, Y; Yu, Y; Salit, M
Date Of Publication: 2014
Journal Title: Nat Commun

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