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Author: Lin, SJ; Gagnon-Bartsch, JA; Tan, IB; Earle, S; Ruff, L; Pettinger, K; Ylstra, B; van Grieken, N; Rha, SY; Chung, HC; Lee, JS; Cheong, JH; Noh, SH; Aoyama, T; Miyagi, Y; Tsuburaya, A; Yoshikawa, T; Ajani, JA; Boussioutas, A; Yeoh, KG; Yong, WP; So, J; Lee, J; Kang, WK; Kim, S; Kameda, Y; Arai, T; Zur Hausen, A; Speed, TP; Grabsch, HI; Tan, P
Date Of Publication: 2015-11
Journal Title: Gut

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