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Author: Wilson, GR; Sim, JC; McLean, C; Giannandrea, M; Galea, CA; Riseley, JR; Stephenson, SE; Fitzpatrick, E; Haas, SA; Pope, K; Hogan, KJ; Gregg, RG; Bromhead, CJ; Wargowski, DS; Lawrence, CH; James, PA; CHURCHYARD, A; Gao, Y; Phelan, DG; Gillies, G; Salce, N; Stanford, L; Marsh, AP; Mignogna, ML; Hayflick, SJ; Leventer, RJ; Delatycki, MB; Mellick, GD; Kalscheuer, VM; D'Adamo, P; Bahlo, M; Amor, DJ; Lockhart, PJ
Date Of Publication: 2014-11-25
Journal Title: Am J Hum Genet

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