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Author: Hemming, S; Cakouros, D; Vandyke, K; Davis, MJ; Zannettino, AC; Gronthos, S
Date Of Publication: 2016-06-15
Journal Title: Stem Cells Dev

Author: Gupte, A; Baker, E; Wan, SS; Stewart, E; Loh, A; Shelat, AA; Gould, CM; Chalk, A; Taylor, S; Lackovic, K; Karlstrom, A; Mutsaers, A; Desai, J; Madhamshettiwar, PB; Zannettino, AC; Burns, C; Huang, DC; Dyer, M; Simpson, KJ; Walkley, C
Date Of Publication: 2015-04-10
Journal Title: Clinical Cancer Research

Author: Baker, EK; Taylor, S; Gupte, A; Sharp, PP; Walia, M; Walsh, NC; Zannettino, AC; Chalk, AM; Burns, CJ; Walkley, CR
Date Of Publication: 2015
Journal Title: Scientific Reports

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