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Author: Hofmann, NE; Gruenberg, M; Nate, E; Ura, A; Rodriguez-Rodriguez, D; Salib, M; Mueller, I; Smith, TA; Laman, M; Robinson, LJ; Felger, I
Date Of Publication: 2018-10
Journal Title: Lancet Infectious Diseases

Author: Fowkes, FJI; Moore, KA; Opi, DH; Simpson, JA; Langham, F; Stanisic, DI; Ura, A; King, CL; Siba, PM; Mueller, I; Rogerson, SJ; Beeson, JG
Date Of Publication: 2018-09-20
Journal Title: BMC Medicine

Author: Stanisic, DI; Moore, KA; Baiwog, F; Ura, A; Clapham, C; King, CL; Siba, PM; Beeson, JG; Mueller, I; Fowkes, FJ; Rogerson, SJ
Date Of Publication: 2015-05
Journal Title: Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg

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