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Author: Seillet, C; Carr, E; Lacey, D; Stutz, MD; Pellegrini, M; Whitehead, L; Rimes, J; Hawkins, ED; Roediger, B; Belz, GT; Bouillet, P
Date Of Publication: 2018-08-14
Journal Title: Immunology and Cell Biology

Author: Lacey, D; Strasser, A; Bouillet, P
Date Of Publication: 2017-01-12
Journal Title: Cell Death Dis

Author: Lacey, D; Bouillet, P
Date Of Publication: 2016-01
Journal Title: Cytokine

Author: Lacey, D; Hickey, P; Arhatari, BD; O'Reilly, LA; Rohrbeck, L; Kiriazis, H; Du, XJ; Bouillet, P
Date Of Publication: 2015-07-20
Journal Title: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Author: Louis, C; Cook, AD; Lacey, D; Fleetwood, AJ; Vlahos, R; Anderson, GP; Hamilton, JA
Date Of Publication: 2015-07-01
Journal Title: Journal of Immunology

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