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Author: Rodrigues, PT; Valdivia, HO; de Oliveira, TC; Alves, JMP; Duarte, Amrc; Cerutti-Junior, C; Buery, JC; Brito, CFA; de Souza, JC, Jr; Hirano, ZMB; Bueno, MG; Catao-Dias, JL; Malafronte, RS; Ladeia-Andrade, S; Mita, T; Santamaria, AM; Calzada, JE; Tantular, IS; Kawamoto, F; Raijmakers, LRJ; Mueller, I; Pacheco, MA; Escalante, AA; Felger, I; Ferreira, MU
Date Of Publication: 2018-01-31
Journal Title: Scientific Reports

Author: Escalante, AA; Ferreira, MU; Vinetz, JM; Volkman, SK; Cui, L; Gamboa, D; Krogstad, DJ; Barry, AE; Carlton, JM; van Eijk, AM; Pradhan, K; Mueller, I; Greenhouse, B; Pacheco, MA; Vallejo, AF; Herrera, S; Felger, I
Date Of Publication: 2015-08-10
Journal Title: American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

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