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Author: Bozaoglu, K; Gao, Y; Stanley, E; Fanjul-Fernandez, M; Brown, NJ; Pope, K; Green, CC; Vlahos, K; Sourris, K; Bahlo, M; Delatycki, M; Scheffer, I; Lockhart, PJ
Date Of Publication: 2019-08-01
Journal Title: Stem Cell Research

Author: Sim, JC; Scerri, T; Fanjul-Fernandez, M; Riseley, JR; Gillies, G; Pope, K; van Roozendaal, H; Heng, JI; Mandelstam, SA; McGillivray, G; MacGregor, D; Kannan, L; Maixner, W; Harvey, AS; Amor, DJ; Delatycki, MB; Crino, PB; Bahlo, M; Lockhart, PJ; Leventer, RJ
Date Of Publication: 2015-08-18
Journal Title: Ann Neurol

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