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Author: Jenkins, NL; James, SA; Salim, A; Sumardy, F; Speed, TP; Conrad, M; Richardson, DR; Bush, AI; McColl, G
Date Of Publication: 2020-07-21
Journal Title: Elife

Author: Lin, Y; Cao, Y; Kim, HJ; Salim, A; Speed, TP; Lin, DM; Yang, P; Yang, JYH
Date Of Publication: 2020-06
Journal Title: Molecular Systems Biology

Author: Ye, C; Speed, TP; Salim, A
Date Of Publication: 2019-12-15
Journal Title: Bioinformatics

Author: Savas, P; Virassamy, B; Ye, C; Salim, A; Mintoff, CP; Caramia, F; Salgado, R; Byrne, DJ; Teo, ZL; Dushyanthen, S; Byrne, A; Wein, L; Luen, SJ; Poliness, C; Nightingale, SS; Skandarajah, AS; Gyorki, DE; Thornton, CM; Beavis, PA; Fox, SB; Kathleen Cuningham Foundation Consortium for Research into Familial Breast, Cancer; Darcy, PK; Speed, TP; Mackay, LK; Neeson, PJ; Loi, S
Date Of Publication: 2018-07
Journal Title: Nature Medicine

Author: Pathan, M; Keerthikumar, S; Ang, CS; Gangoda, L; Quek, CY; Williamson, NA; Mouradov, D; Sieber, OM; Simpson, RJ; Salim, A; Bacic, A; Hill, AF; Stroud, DA; Ryan, MT; Agbinya, JI; Mariadason, JM; Burgess, AW; Mathivanan, S
Date Of Publication: 2015-08
Journal Title: Proteomics

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