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Author: Weber, GE; White, MT; Babakhanyan, A; Sumba, PO; Vulule, J; Ely, D; John, C; Angov, E; Lanar, D; Dutta, S; Narum, DL; Horii, T; Cowman, A; Beeson, J; Smith, J; Kazura, JW; Dent, AE
Date Of Publication: 2017-12-04
Journal Title: Scientific Reports

Author: Ouattara, A; Barry, AE; Dutta, S; Remarque, EJ; Beeson, JG; Plowe, CV
Date Of Publication: 2015-12-22
Journal Title: Vaccine

Author: Dent, AE; Malhotra, I; Wang, X; Babineau, D; Yeo, KT; Anderson, T; Kimmel, RJ; Angov, E; Lanar, DE; Narum, D; Dutta, S; Richards, J; Beeson, JG; Crabb, BS; Cowman, AF; Horii, T; Muchiri, E; Mungai, PL; King, CL; Kazura, JW
Date Of Publication: 2015-12-09
Journal Title: Clin Vaccine Immunol

Author: Terheggen, U; Drew, DR; Hodder, AN; Cross, NJ; Mugyenyi, CK; Barry, AE; Anders, RF; Dutta, S; Osier, FH; Elliott, SR; Senn, N; Stanisic, DI; Marsh, K; Siba, PM; Mueller, I; Richards, JS; Beeson, JG
Date Of Publication: 2014
Journal Title: BMC Med

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