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Author: Bowtell, DD; Bohm, S; Ahmed, AA; Aspuria, PJ; Bast, RC, Jr; Beral, V; Berek, JS; Birrer, MJ; Blagden, S; Bookman, MA; Brenton, JD; Chiappinelli, KB; Martins, FC; Coukos, G; Drapkin, R; Edmondson, R; Fotopoulou, C; Gabra, H; Galon, J; Gourley, C; Heong, V; Huntsman, DG; Iwanicki, M; Karlan, BY; Kaye, A; Lengyel, E; Levine, DA; Lu, KH; McNeish, IA; Menon, U; Narod, SA; Nelson, BH; Nephew, KP; Pharoah, P; Powell, DJ, Jr; Ramos, P; Romero, IL; Scott, CL; Sood, AK; Stronach, EA; Balkwill, FR
Date Of Publication: 2015-10-23
Journal Title: Nat Rev Cancer

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