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Author: Wong, SQ; Waldeck, K; Vergara, IA; Schroder, J; Madore, J; Wilmott, JS; Colebatch, AJ; De Paoli-Iseppi, R; Li, J; Lupat, R; Semple, T; Arnau, GM; Fellowes, A; Leonard, JH; Hruby, G; Mann, GJ; Thompson, JF; Cullinane, C; Johnston, M; Shackleton, M; Sandhu, S; Bowtell, DD; Johnstone, RW; Fox, SB; McArthur, GA; Papenfuss, AT; Scolyer, RA; Gill, AJ; Hicks, RJ; Tothill, RW
Date Of Publication: 2015-12-15
Journal Title: Cancer Research

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