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Author: Davids, MS; Roberts, AW; Seymour, JF; Pagel, JM; Kahl, BS; Wierda, WG; Puvvada, S; Kipps, TJ; Anderson, MA; Salem, AH; Dunbar, M; Zhu, M; Peale, F; Ross, JA; Gressick, L; Desai, M; Kim, SY; Verdugo, M; Humerickhouse, RA; Gordon, GB; Gerecitano, JF
Date Of Publication: 2017-03-10
Journal Title: J Clin Oncol

Author: Roberts, AW; Davids, MS; Pagel, JM; Kahl, BS; Puvvada, SD; Gerecitano, JF; Kipps, TJ; Anderson, MA; Brown, JR; Gressick, L; Wong, S; Dunbar, M; Zhu, M; Desai, MB; Cerri, E; Enschede, SH; Humerickhouse, RA; Wierda, WG; Seymour, JF
Date Of Publication: 2016-01-28
Journal Title: N Engl J Med

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