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Author: Xie, SC; Metcalfe, RD; Hanssen, E; Yang, T; Gillett, DL; Leis, AP; Morton, CJ; Kuiper, MJ; Parker, MW; Spillman, NJ; Wong, W; Tsu, C; Dick, LR; Griffin, MDW; Tilley, L
Date Of Publication: 2019-08-05
Journal Title: Nature Microbiology

Author: Xie, SC; Dogovski, C; Hanssen, E; Chiu, F; Yang, T; Crespo, MP; Stafford, C; Batinovic, S; Teguh, S; Charman, S; Klonis, N; Tilley, L
Date Of Publication: 2016-01-15
Journal Title: J Cell Sci

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