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Author: Petrie, EJ; Sandow, JJ; Lehmann, WIL; Liang, LY; Coursier, D; Young, SN; Kersten, WJA; Fitzgibbon, C; Samson, AL; Jacobsen, AV; Lowes, KN; Au, AE; Jousset Sabroux, H; Lalaoui, N; Webb, AI; Lessene, G; Manning, G; Lucet, IS; Murphy, JM
Date Of Publication: 2019-09-24
Journal Title: Cell Reports

Author: Moerke, C; Jaco, I; Dewitz, C; Muller, T; Jacobsen, AV; Gautheron, J; Fritsch, J; Schmitz, J; Brasen, JH; Gunther, C; Murphy, JM; Kunzendorf, U; Meier, P; Krautwald, S
Date Of Publication: 2018-11-15
Journal Title: Cell Death and Differentiation

Author: Petrie, EJ; Sandow, JJ; Jacobsen, AV; Smith, BJ; Griffin, MDW; Lucet, IS; Dai, W; Young, SN; Tanzer, MC; Wardak, A; Liang, LY; Cowan, AD; Hildebrand, JM; Kersten, WJA; Lessene, G; Silke, J; Czabotar, PE; Webb, AI; Murphy, JM
Date Of Publication: 2018-06-21
Journal Title: Nature Communications

Author: Jacobsen, AV; Silke, J
Date Of Publication: 2016-02-18
Journal Title: Cell Chem Biol

Author: Jacobsen, AV; Lowes, KN; Tanzer, MC; Lucet, IS; Hildebrand, JM; Petrie, EJ; van Delft, MF; LIU, Z; Conos, SA; Zhang, JG; Huang, DC; Silke, J; Lessene, G; Murphy, JM
Date Of Publication: 2016
Journal Title: Cell Death Dis

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