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Author: Eissmann, MF; Dijkstra, C; Wouters, MA; Baloyan, D; Mouradov, D; Nguyen, PM; Davalos-Salas, M; Putoczki, TL; Sieber, OM; Mariadason, JM; Ernst, M; Masson, F
Date Of Publication: 2018-04
Journal Title: Cancer Immunology Research

Author: Togel, L; Nightingale, R; Wu, R; Chueh, AC; Al-Obaidi, S; Luk, I; Davalos-Salas, M; Chionh, F; Murone, C; Buchanan, DD; Chatterton, Z; Sieber, OM; Arango, D; Tebbutt, NC; Williams, D; Dhillon, AS; Mariadason, JM
Date Of Publication: 2018-01-29
Journal Title: Scientific Reports

Author: Chueh, AC; Tse, JW; Dickinson, M; Ioannidis, P; Jenkins, L; Togel, L; Tan, B; Luk, I; Davalos-Salas, M; Nightingale, R; Thompson, MR; Williams, BR; Lessene, G; Lee, EF; Fairlie, WD; Dhillon, AS; Mariadason, JM
Date Of Publication: 2017-09-15
Journal Title: Clin Cancer Res

Author: Jayachandran, A; Lo, PH; Chueh, AC; Prithviraj, P; Molania, R; Davalos-Salas, M; Anaka, M; Walkiewicz, M; Cebon, J; Behren, A
Date Of Publication: 2016
Journal Title: BMC Cancer

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