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Author: Patchett, AL; Coorens, THH; Darby, J; Wilson, R; McKay, MJ; Kamath, KS; Rubin, A; Wakefield, M; McIntosh, L; Mangiola, S; Pye, RJ; Flies, AS; Corcoran, LM; Lyons, AB; Woods, GM; Murchison, EP; Papenfuss, AT; Tovar, C
Date Of Publication: 2019-08-02
Journal Title: Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences

Author: Tovar, C; Pye, RJ; Kreiss, A; Cheng, Y; Brown, GK; Darby, J; Malley, RC; Siddle, HV; Skjodt, K; Kaufman, J; Silva, A; Baz Morelli, A; Papenfuss, AT; Corcoran, LM; Murphy, JM; Pearse, MJ; Belov, K; Lyons, AB; Woods, GM
Date Of Publication: 2017-03-09
Journal Title: Scientific Reports

Author: Brown, GK; Tovar, C; Cooray, AA; Kreiss, A; Darby, J; Murphy, JM; Corcoran, LM; Bettiol, SS; Lyons, AB; Woods, GM
Date Of Publication: 2016-04-19
Journal Title: Immunology and Cell Biology

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