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Author: Dekkers, JF; Alieva, M; Wellens, LM; Ariese, HCR; Jamieson, PR; Vonk, AM; Amatngalim, GD; Hu, H; Oost, KC; Snippert, HJG; Beekman, JM; Wehrens, EJ; Visvader, JE; Clevers, H; Rios, AC
Date Of Publication: 2019-05-03
Journal Title: Nature Protocols

Author: Michalak, EM; Milevskiy, MJG; Joyce, RM; Dekkers, JF; Jamieson, PR; Pal, B; Dawson, CA; Hu, Y; Orkin, SH; Alexander, WS; Lindeman, GJ; Smyth, GK; Visvader, JE
Date Of Publication: 2018-08-06
Journal Title: PLoS Biology

Author: Jamieson, PR; Dekkers, JF; Rios, AC; Fu, NY; Lindeman, GJ; Visvader, JE
Date Of Publication: 2017-12-19
Journal Title: Development

Author: Rios, AC; Fu, NY; Jamieson, PR; Pal, B; Whitehead, L; Nicholas, KR; Lindeman, GJ; Visvader, JE
Date Of Publication: 2016
Journal Title: Nat Commun

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