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Author: Kerr, MC; Gomez, GA; Ferguson, C; Tanzer, MC; Murphy, JM; Yap, AS; Parton, RG; Huston, WM; Teasdale, RD
Date Of Publication: 2017-03-10
Journal Title: Nat Commun

Author: Mansour, M; Haupt, S; Chan, AL; Godde, N; Rizzitelli, A; Loi, S; Caramia, F; Deb, S; Takano, EA; Bishton, M; Johnstone, CN; Monahan, B; Levav-Cohen, Y; Jiang, YH; Yap, AS; Fox, SB; Bernard, O; Anderson, RL; Haupt, Y
Date Of Publication: 2016-05-26
Journal Title: Cancer Res

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