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Author: Alston, CL; Compton, AG; Formosa, LE; Strecker, V; Olahova, M; Haack, TB; Smet, J; Stouffs, K; Diakumis, P; Ciara, E; Cassiman, D; Romain, N; Yarham, JW; He, L; De Paepe, B; Vanlander, AV; Seneca, S; Feichtinger, RG; Ploski, R; Rokicki, D; Pronicka, E; Haller, RG; Van Hove, JL; Bahlo, M; Mayr, JA; Van Coster, R; Prokisch, H; Wittig, I; Ryan, MT; Thorburn, DR; Taylor, RW
Date Of Publication: 2016-07-07
Journal Title: Am J Hum Genet

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