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Author: Alsop, K; Thorne, H; Sandhu, S; Hamilton, A; Mintoff, C; Christie, E; Spruyt, O; Williams, S; McNally, O; Mileshkin, L; Ananda, S; Hallo, J; Loi, S; Scott, C; Savas, P; Devereux, L; O'Brien, P; Gunawardena, S; Hampson, C; Strachan, K; Jaravaza, RD; Francis, V; Young, G; Ranson, D; Samaranayake, R; Stevens, D; Boyle, S; Fedele, C; Topp, M; Ho, G; Teo, ZL; Taylor, RA; Papargiris, MM; Lawrence, MG; Wang, H; Risbridger, GP; Haynes, NM; Medon, M; Johnstone, RW; Vidacs, E; Arnau, GM; Vergara, IA; Papenfuss, AT; McArthur, G; Waring, P; Carvosso, S; Angel, C; Gyorki, D; Solomon, B; Mitchell, G; Shanley, S; Francis, PA; Dawson, SJ; Haffenden, A; Tidball, E; Volchek, M; Pyman, J; Madadin, M; Leditschke, J; Cordner, S; Melbourne Melanoma, Project; Australian Ovarian Cancer Study, Group; Kathleen Cuningham Foundation Consortium for Research into Familial Breast, Cancer; Shackleton, M; Bowtell, DD
Date Of Publication: 2016-09-12
Journal Title: Nat Biotechnol

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