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Author: Wolyniec, K; Shortt, J; de Stanchina, E; Levav-Cohen, Y; Alsheich-Bartok, O; Louria-Hayon, I; Corneille, V; Kumar, B; Woods, SJ; Opat, S; Johnstone, RW; Scott, CL; Segal, D; Pandolfi, PP; Fox, S; Strasser, A; Jiang, YH; Lowe, SW; Haupt, S; Haupt, Y
Date Of Publication: 2012-07-26
Journal Title: BLOOD

Author: Darido, C; Georgy, SR; Wilanowski, T; Dworkin, S; Auden, A; Zhao, Q; Rank, G; Srivastava, S; Finlay, MJ; Papenfuss, AT; Pandolfi, PP; Pearson, RB; Jane, SM
Date Of Publication: 2011-11-15
Journal Title: CANCER CELL

Author: Kogan, SC; Ward, JM; Anver, MR; Berman, JJ; Brayton, C; Cardiff, RD; Carter, JS; de Coronado, S; Downing, JR; Fredrickson, TN; Haines, DC; Harris, AW; Harris, NL; Hiai, H; Jaffe, ES; MacLennan, ICM; Pandolfi, PP; Pattengale, PK; Perkins, AS; Simpson, RM; Tuttle, MS; Wong, JF; Morse, HC
Date Of Publication: 2002-07-01
Journal Title: BLOOD

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