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Author: Liu, X; Li, Z; Liu, S; Sun, J; Chen, Z; Jiang, M; Zhang, Q; Wei, Y; Wang, X; Huang, YY; Shi, Y; Xu, Y; Xian, H; Bai, F; Ou, C; Xiong, B; Lew, AM; Cui, J; Fang, R; Huang, H; Zhao, J; Hong, X; Zhang, Y; Zhou, F; Luo, HB
Date Of Publication: 2020-04-20
Journal Title: Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B

Author: Liu, M; Lu, B; Zeng, P; Huang, B; Xu, Y; Liang, H; Yang, D; Yang, S; Luo, HB; Lew, AM; Masters, SL; Geng, L; Zeng, H; Zhang, Y
Date Of Publication: 2020-03-27
Journal Title: Journal of Clinical Immunology

Author: Huang, B; Chen, Z; Geng, L; Wang, J; Liang, H; Cao, Y; Chen, H; Huang, W; Su, M; Wang, H; Xu, Y; Liu, Y; Lu, B; Xian, H; Li, H; Ren, L; Xie, J; Ye, L; Zhao, J; Chen, P; Zhang, L; Zhao, S; Zhang, T; Xu, B; Che, D; Si, W; Gu, X; Zeng, L; Wang, Y; Li, D; Zhan, Y; Delfouneso, D; Lew, AM; Cui, J; Tang, WH; Zhang, Y; Gong, S; Bai, F; Yang, M
Date Of Publication: 2019-11-14
Journal Title: Cell

Author: Zhang, W; Zi, M; Sun, L; WANG, F; Chen, S; Zhao, Y; Liang, S; Hu, J; Liu, S; Liu, L; Zhan, Y; Lew, AM; Xu, Y
Date Of Publication: 2019-11
Journal Title: Immunol Cell Biol

Author: Simpkin, AJ; Simkovic, F; Thomas, JMH; Savko, M; Lebedev, A; Uski, V; Ballard, C; Wojdyr, M; Wu, R; Sanishvili, R; Xu, Y; Lisa, MN; Buschiazzo, A; Shepard, W; Rigden, DJ; Keegan, RM
Date Of Publication: 2018-07-01
Journal Title: Acta Crystallographica. Section D, Structural Biology

Author: Xu, Y; Kong, GK; Menting, JG; Margetts, MB; Delaine, CA; Jenkin, LM; Kiselyov, VV; De Meyts, P; Forbes, BE; Lawrence, MC
Date Of Publication: 2018-02-26
Journal Title: Nature Communications

Author: Sun, L; Rautela, J; Delconte, RB; Souza-Fonseca-Guimaraes, F; Carrington, EM; Schenk, RL; Herold, MJ; Huntington, ND; Lew, AM; Xu, Y; Zhan, Y
Date Of Publication: 2018
Journal Title: Frontiers in Immunology

Author: Chen, L; Xu, Y; Wong, W; Thompson, JK; Healer, J; Goddard-Borger, E; Lawrence, MC; Cowman, AF
Date Of Publication: 2017-02-14
Journal Title: Elife

Author: Hodder, AN; Sleebs, BE; Czabotar, PE; Gazdik, M; Xu, Y; O'Neill, MT; Lopaticki, S; Nebl, T; Triglia, T; Smith, BJ; Lowes, K; Boddey, JA; Cowman, AF
Date Of Publication: 2015-08
Journal Title: Nat Struct Mol Biol

Author: Xu, Y; Soo, P; Walker, F; Zhang, HH; Redpath, N; Tan, CW; Nicola, NA; Adams, TE; Garrett, TP; Zhang, JG; Burgess, AW
Date Of Publication: 2015-05-22
Journal Title: J Mol Biol

Author: Chen, L; Xu, Y; Healer, J; Thompson, JK; Smith, BJ; Lawrence, MC; Cowman, AF
Date Of Publication: 2014-10-08
Journal Title: Elife

Author: Xu, Y; Lindemann, P; Vega-Ramos, J; Zhang, JG; Villadangos, JA
Date Of Publication: 2014-04-04
Journal Title: Journal of Biological Chemistry

Author: Xu, Y; Fairfax, K; Light, A; Huntington, ND; Tarlinton, DM
Date Of Publication: 2014
Journal Title: Autoimmunity

Author: Zhang, NX; Xu, Y; O'Hely, M; Speed, TP; Scharfe, C; Wang, WY
Date Of Publication: 2012-07-15

Author: Kabashima, K; Haynes, NM; Xu, Y; Nutt, SL; Allende, ML; Proia, RL; Cyster, JG
Date Of Publication: 2006-11-27

Author: Huntington, N; Brady, J; Xu, Y; Tarlinton, D; Nutt, SL
Date Of Publication: 2005-11-01

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