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Author: Vuillermin, PJ; O'Hely, M; Collier, F; Allen, KJ; Tang, MLK; Harrison, LC; Carlin, JB; Saffery, R; Ranganathan, S; Sly, PD; Gray, L; Molloy, J; Pezic, A; Conlon, M; Topping, D; Nelson, K; Mackay, CR; Macia, L; Koplin, J; Dawson, SL; Moreno-Betancur, M; Ponsonby, AL; JCraig Venter Institute; BISInvestigator Group
Date Of Publication: 2020-03-24
Journal Title: Nature Communications

Author: Loughman, A; Ponsonby, AL; O'Hely, M; Symeonides, C; Collier, F; Tang, MLK; Carlin, J; Ranganathan, S; Allen, K; Pezic, A; Saffery, R; Jacka, F; Harrison, LC; Sly, PD; Vuillermin, P; BISInvestigator Group,
Date Of Publication: 2020-02
Journal Title: EBioMedicine

Author: Hu, M; Eviston, D; Hsu, P; Marino, E; Chidgey, A; Santner-Nanan, B; Wong, K; Richards, JL; Yap, YA; Collier, F; Quinton, A; Joung, S; Peek, M; Benzie, R; Macia, L; Wilson, D; Ponsonby, AL; Tang, MLK; O'Hely, M; Daly, NL; Mackay, CR; Dahlstrom, JE; BISInvestigator Group,; includes Harrison, LC; Vuillermin, P; Nanan, R
Date Of Publication: 2019-07-10
Journal Title: Nature Communications

Author: Uren, RT; O'Hely, M; Iyer, S; Bartolo, R; Shi, MX; Brouwer, JM; Alsop, AE; Dewson, G; Kluck, RM
Date Of Publication: 2017-02-06
Journal Title: Elife

Author: Hockings, C; Anwari, K; Ninnis, RL; Brouwer, J; O'Hely, M; Evangelista, M; Hinds, MG; Czabotar, PE; Lee, EF; Fairlie, WD; Dewson, G; Kluck, RM
Date Of Publication: 2015
Journal Title: Cell Death Dis

Author: Ross, DM; O'Hely, M; Bartley, PA; Dang, P; Score, J; Goyne, JM; Sobrinho-Simoes, M; Cross, NCP; Melo, JV; Speed, TP; Hughes, TP; Morley, AA
Date Of Publication: 2013-10
Journal Title: Leukemia

Author: Zhang, NX; Xu, Y; O'Hely, M; Speed, TP; Scharfe, C; Wang, WY
Date Of Publication: 2012-07-15

Author: Wilkins, EJ; Rubio, JP; Kotschet, KE; Cowie, TF; Boon, WC; O'Hely, M; Burfoot, R; Wang, W; Sue, CM; Speed, TP; Stankovitch, J; Horne, MK
Date Of Publication: 2012-05

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